I'm Jen, a 27 year old sober dance-aholic who lives an exciting life as a full-time Crazy Cat Lady.  With a Bachelor's in English and a minor in Creative Writing, I have a "thing" for books and will begin work on my Masters of Fine Arts in Creative Writing this fall.  I'm kind of super excited about that.

I've basically lived in the same two towns my entire life--I've moved back and forth between Pittsburgh, PA and New York five times now.

I sell my clothes second-hand on Poshmark, freelance as a Resume Writer, and work as a grants administrator.

I started this blog because I was getting tired of reading articles targeted at woman that were constantly addressing how to better my outsides.  Instead, I wanted to try and decorate my own soul.  So, this is my journey to finding the beauty within and a whole lot of laughter.  Hope you enjoy the ride!

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